Monsters invade Aveley Primary School!


Posted by lroberts | Posted in General News | Posted on 14-10-2015


It really has been a busy and exciting week so far!

On Monday we were very lucky to have seen the Not Now Bernard show which also included some other monster stories that we know. We really enjoyed joining in with some of the sounds and we really loved the monster! The lovely people even let us have our picture taken with the monster! Look at our scary monster faces!

Who else saw the show? Did you enjoy it?

We have had our weekly music lesson. We have been learning new songs and some dance moves that go with them. We really enjoy our music lessons.


We added Miss Roberts and Mrs McPherson to the behaviour chart!

Can you spot their faces on the Super-star?


Elsa got our very first ‘see Miss Shadbolt’ Sticker which was very special. Miss Shadbolt came to see her amazing work and was really impressed!  Elsa made an amazing copy of the butterfly picture that she liked and carefully selected the colours she used to make them just alike! We could hardly tell them apart!


We have been learning our numbers and about how important it is to say ‘one number name for each’ when we are counting. We have been looking  out for different numerals and matching them with the right number of objects. We’re definitely on our way to being mathematicians!


Some of us have been showing how we are making friends and making cards and gifts for each other in class and some of the creations have been magical!

Who are your special friends in class?


In PE we are learning how to play football! We have been controlling the ball using little kicks and playing frozen statue games. Sometimes our footballs get away from us, but with the help of our friends we always manage to find them again!

Which sports do you like to play? We would love to know!