Classroom Calamity!


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OH NO!!!!

This week well fell victim to a terrible crime. While we were at lunch, someone sneakily came into our classroom and made a really big mess!!

We were so shocked!! We think that the person who came in left us a few clues. It looked like the person liked lots of different kinds of fruit, as they left lots on our snack table! The person also really must have liked reading but they forgot to tidy up when they were finished! Just look at the mess in our reading area!

Who do you think muddled up our classroom?

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Not to worry! RR quickly set about investigating the crime. We put on our finest police uniforms, picked up our magnifying glasses and we were determined to solve the crime!

We had a few ideas about who it might have been. Some of us thought that Handa had broken in because she likes fruit. Others thought that it might have been Goldilocks who made the mess. Whoever it was, we sure showed them! We teamed together and had a really good tidy up. Our class was much better after!  Great team work everyone! We even wrote letters to kindly ask whoever had done it, never to do it again!

 Elsa ethan monster pic maizie monster monster writibng thomas monster

This week we have also been creating our very own animals and creatures. Just look at some of the lovely and creative designs that we have made! We have also been using our sounds to describe some of their features!

What features would you put on your crazy creature design?

 Lanie ipad Richi ipad Thomas Ipad Elisa Ipad

IT Whizzes!

check us out! We have been using the iPads and Google to answer some of our questions!

We asked questions like:

 “How was the first person born because there was no one else around, so how would they get born with no one else around?”

“Why is fruit good for you?”

“How do rockets blast off?”

“How do vets look after pets?”

“How do iPads work?”

What great questions! What question would you like to ask Google?

Wow RR, We’ve been so busy!! I Wonder what next week will bring!

End of Term Fun in Reception!


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RR Class won the Attendance cup!! Well done RR!


RR have explored what was hidden inside a pumpkin. We found seeds and lots of squishy flesh. We made predictions about what would happen to it if we left it alone for a week and observed the changes over time! It didn’t look very nice after a week!


We pulled some funny faces using some magnifying glasses!


And drew some really big shapes using chalk and water in the outside area.


And we were learning all about nocturnal animals.

What do you know about nocturnal animals? Can you think of any?


As usual the writing area was completely full of us eager learners practising our writing and drawing beautiful pictures!


We really enjoyed our football session on Thursday! We’re getting really good at using our feet to control the ball.

what sports do you like to play?