It’s all go on the run up to Christmas!


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We have had a very busy week again this week with the run up to the Christmas Bazaar and Production. We have been making baubles and learning our lovely star song for the Christmas production and we are very excited about sharing this with our parents!

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We have had a gym in our class this week! We’ve all enjoyed finding out how some of the equipment works. We have been counting how many steps we have been doing, timing how long it takes to do a certain exercise, and we have been using weights to make our muscles big and strong! We’ve even been doing press ups! We love being on the soft mat too! We have even been talking about the importance of a balanced diet and exercise and the effect that exercise has on our bodies.

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This week we have also been exploring colours and how they mix. We have been using salt and food colouring to explore what happens as we add the colour to the salt, bit-by-bit. We have loved exploring the texture of the salt with our hands. It felt a little bit like sand.


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We have also used paint and food colouring to see what happens when the two colours meet in the middle as they are absorbed by some tissue paper. We were very interested to see what was happening.

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As usual there is so much writing happening in the class all the time! We are always practising writing out new sounds, and we love drawing too! We like to draw superheroes pictures of monsters and practise writing our names!

Reception Welcomes Winter!


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The story is about the friendship between a Hedgehog and a Rabbit and about how much they will miss one another while the hedgehog hibernates for winter. the hedgehog leaves a message for the rabbit in the bark of a tree.

Can you remember what the hedgehog wrote?

So in class we have been doing some wintery things!


things like paying in the snow! We have even been trying to write some letters in the snow!


We have been using stamps and glitter to make the most colourful and sparkly pictures too! Look at us working so hard and so nicely together!

What do you like to make pictures of? 


This week we have also continued to explore 2D and 3D shapes. We have been using shapes to make pictures with, using rubber band boards to make 2D shapes and exploring the qualities of 3D shapes.

What 2D and 3D shapes can you name? 


Look at how hard we have been practising our writing; and it’s only Tuesday!!

We have been practising writing the new sounds we have learnt, taking registers in our role-play area and writing our own names!

Way to go guys!