Reception bustling with activity! 


Posted by lroberts | Posted in General News | Posted on 06-07-2016

 We’ve been awfully busy working hard in our new office. Who knew there would be so many things to type?   
  We’ve been really patiently threading beads or make some lovely necklaces and bracelets.  
We’ve been exploring different textures and colours too!

There has been some brilliant writing! 

And some amazing construction projects. 

We’ve been relaxing in the sun…

Working together to make entire towns… 

and we’ve even been making some tunes of our own!

We’re such a creative bunch!     

We even discovered life in one of our buckets!   
We’ve also really been takin advantage of the sun shine. We love exploring our wild flower garden and watching the insects as they  enjoy the flowers to one. We’ve used tape measures to measure how tall our sunflowers are growing, and we’ve collected the colourful petals that have fallen from the flowers. 

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