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Last week we had to move the chicks to their new house. The incubator was getting far too small for our energetic little chicks! Both reception classes came into RR’s class and we talked about the three things that every living thing does. Can you remember what those things are? We moved the chicks very carefully, making sure that their new home was cosy and had food and water. We also talked about what living things needed to keep on living! look at how cosy they are under their new light bulb. It wasn’t any normal light bulb! Can you remember why it was different?

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We all got the chance of holding one of  our new friends too and used some lovely language to describe them.

How did you think the chicks felt? Some of us thought they felt very soft, warm and almost like a blanket! Look at how gently the children are holding the chicks. Well done everyone!

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Aww the chicks look so cute I wish I could of holed one

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